Italian Chrome Plated Bidet Shower/Muslim Shower

88.50 GBP

Aerated Shower Bidet combined with a wall mounted warm water control. The Aerated shower head is specialy designed to deliver water stream (not spray) to reduce splashing. The wall mounted hot & cold water mixer is easy to control water temperature, 1 - turn to the left for hot 2 - turn to the right for cold 3 - push down to shut. It has two centring coupling for positioning supplied with two check valves fitted internally by us. Check valves (non-returning valves) are essential components for shower bidets; they stop the contaminated water from mixing with clean water. These types of mixers (manual) do not come with check valves, however, we are probably the only traders on the market to insert 2 check valves inside these type of mixers, making it safe and ready to use. If you are buying these types of combination of shattaf and mixer make sure that the supplier will include check valves.

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Worldwide delivery available at £28.00.