Refreshing Invigorating Cleansing

Prices are reduced by up to 20% 

Chrome or Gold plated  combined with built-in or wall mount  easy control mixers. All are tested at 4 Bar water pressure, ready to be fitted safely.


Chrome Shower bidet with in-built mixer

Price: 150.00 GBP
V60W Chrome plated shower bidet combined with built-in mixer tested in-situ at 4 BAR water pressure, ready to fit safely. Black Colour brass is available for £250.00

Chrome Italia Shower Bidet

Price: 25.20 GBP
Handheld bidet made of high quality chrome plated brass designed & made in Italy and sells 10,000 unit/month around the world. The picture shows how it is fitted on a bathroom or cloakroom.

Portable Shower

Price: 35.85 GBP
Portable battery driven shower pump attached one shower head at a time,. Supplied with two shower heads, one head for shower bidet(shattaf) and another normal shower head.

Pure Gold Plated Shower Bidet

Price: 75.35 GBP
Gold Italia shower bidet/Muslim shower is beautifully designed, highly efficient gold plated with pure gold, supplied as a kit which consists of: 1 - Gold Shower Head 2 - Gold Shower head wall holder (rest) with 2 rawlplug & screws 3 - Gold flexi hose 120 cm long 4 - Gold wall tap & flange. The tap has ceramic disc for durability and to prevent/reduce the effect of limescale in hard water areas.

Chrome Italia Aerated Shower Bidet Head

Price: 18.50 GBP
Aerated Shower Bidet/Muslim Shower head has special features; it delivers a stream of water rather than a spray, which will help to be directed at the area required without splashes. It comes with special head cleaning tool to keep the water stream true.